Books in sync with nature.

About Our Company

Who is St. Lynn?

James Lynn (1892 – 1955) was the epitome of a balanced man in body, mind and spirit. So much so, that a beloved mentor admiringly dubbed him “St. Lynn.” His remarkable life was one of service to his fellow man and to the planet. As a successful businessman, an accomplished athlete, an organic farmer, and a person who lived his spiritual values, St. Lynn was one of the most well-liked and respected men of his community. By taking that name for ourselves, we’re affirming James Lynn’s belief in living with our feet firmly on the ground and our mind on the stars.

How We Feel About The Planet

St. Lynn’s offers books that not only speak of living in harmony with the whole of life, but are produced with an awareness of the precious resources around us. To every extent possible we choose recycled papers, environmentally-friendly inks, and employ other technologies that support sustainability.

Our Mission

When we opened our doors in 2005, we published a wide range of books, from body-mind-spirit to enlightened business to all things “green.” Over time, we dove deeper into our green side, and since 2010 have been publishing, almost exclusively, books on organic gardening, sustainable living, and ways to live gently on our little piece of the planet. As always, we have followed our heart. We couldn’t be happier with where it has led us: to an extraordinary group of authors who care deeply about this beautiful earth we inhabit.