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Publish With Us

Step One:

If you have a manuscript you would like us to know about, please query us first, either by e-mail or regular mail. We know how hard it is to be brief when describing something you care about deeply, but try. In no more than five pages include the following information about yourself and your manuscript:

  • A synopsis / overview, including approximate length.
  • What is unique about your manuscript and why now is the best time for it.
  • Who your audience will be, specifically – and how you see your book being marketed to that audience (very important).
  • Who you are, and your special qualifications for writing this manuscript (are you well known in your field, do you conduct seminars, have you written other books).
  • Your contact information

Address your query to:

Acquisitions Editor
St. Lynn’s Press
P.O. Box: 18680
Pittsburgh PA, 15236

Or e-mail to:
We will respond to all queries, but please allow us adequate time to give serious consideration to yours.

Step Two:

If we are interested in seeing more, we will let you know. Here is what we will want from you at that time:

  • Table of contents with brief chapter outlines
  • Introduction
  • Two sample chapters
  • (If you have them): pertinent photos / illustrations; a list of possible authorities in your field who would be willing to write endorsements for the book
  • Self-addressed stamped envelope (if you want us to return your manuscript)

We look forward to hearing from you, but please don’t send completed manuscripts without first querying us (step one). In the spirit of conservation, we care about the limited resources of our planet – and we care about your time and ours.

Unsure whether your manuscript will fit with our publications?

Click on “Books” to familiarize yourself with our list. While our primary focus is on organic gardening, sustainable living, “local” and “slow” lifestyles, and self-reliance, we also publish books of merit in other areas.