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Black Tulips and Gold Beets

Pittsburgh, Pa. (Sept. 12, 2013) – Don’t think gardening and sports have anything in common?  In his latest book, Pittsburgh garden personality Doug Oster brings Pittsburgh pride out into the garden: The Steel City Garden: Creating a One-of-a-Kind Garden in Black and Gold (St. Lynn’s Press, November 2013).

Why black and gold? Pittsburgh is the only city in the United States where all of its major sports teams share the same colors.  The Steel City Garden explores the many ways you can dress your garden in black and gold. Oster introduces readers to eye-catching vegetation, like black tulips and buttercup shrubs, and quirky garden décor. Black and gold flamingos? Must be a Steel City Garden.

You don’t have to call Western Pennsylvania home to enjoy this fun gardening book. When the steel industry collapsed in Pittsburgh in the 70s and 80s, tens of thousands of people skipped town. But Pittsburgh natives all over the country can still be found cheering on their favorite black and gold teams.

“The Steel City Garden can be a tribute to a city, a way of life, your favorite sports team or just a beautiful place to sit and enjoy.”

– Doug Oster, from the Introduction

This is the perfect gift book for any Yinzer (Pittsburghese for a local) or garden lover looking to take the term “Steeler Nation” to a whole new level of loyalty.

About the Author:

Doug Oster is The Backyard Gardener for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. An Emmy Award-winning documentarian, he also won the Garden Writers Association (GWA) National Media Award in 2011 and 2013 for his work on “Digging with Doug,” a weekly video blog series through the Post-Gazette.

About the Book:

The Steel City Garden: Creating a One-of-a-Kind Garden in Black and Gold

Doug Oster

ISBN -13: 978-0-9855622-3-6

$17.95 US/$19.50 CAN

Hardcover, 176 pages