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Luscious Filled Treats from Savory to Sweet

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When we talk about a favorite food, chances are it’s a dish that stuffs one food inside of another. Think ravioli, pierogi, dumplings, enchiladas, samosas, crepes, blintzes – and many more. They’ve have come into our culinary traditions from all over the world and made themselves at home. What is it about little balls of dough stuffed with all kinds of fillings that we love so much?

Author and stuffed-food aficionado Chris Fennimore thinks he knows. It’s about the contrast of textures – the flaky and creamy in a single bite, or the rich with the mild. And the flavor pairings that transcend each individual element to create a unique magic.

Stuffed is a richly illustrated celebration of the amazing diversity and appeal of this simple universal concept, from humble to elegant.  Inside, you’ll find recipes for traditional stuffed doughs, but also stuffed vegetables, bread, pastries, seafood, meats, and sweets. Everything from arepas to zeppoli. The recipes and accompanying stories pay homage to generations of home cooks – many that speak of childhoods spent in the warmth of family kitchens where food meant love.

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