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Hit the Trails on Saturday, June 3 for National Trails Day!

We all know that walking is healthy and that general exercise helps us to be more calm, happy and alert. But studies also show that taking a walk during your lunch break can also lift your mood and helps you handle stress better at work.

At the St. Lynn’s office, we’re lucky to have a beautiful walking trail steps away from our space. And we’re encouraged (and sometimes forced, though none of us complain!) to take walks all throughout the day. I love to stretch my legs, clear my head and get away from my glowing computer screen, even if it’s only for five or ten minutes. It just feels good to put one foot in front of the other with no real destination in mind.

I love people-watching on the trail too. Bikers, pet owners, skaters, other office walkers, university track and cross-country teams, families, friends, homeless people, runners, people with headphones, students. The trail belongs to all of us; we recognize it and respect one another. It’s a beautiful thing!

National Trails Day (Saturday, June 3) is the only nationally coordinated event designed to connect people to trails. The American Hiking Society believes that trails beckon adventure and can improve the lives of every American. Thousands of Trail Day events are hosted every year, and they encourage new trail users to try ‘em out. It also allows trail enthusiasts to meet with hiking and trail clubs and organizations. The end goal of the AHS is to create trail advocates and stewards to protect the 200k+ miles of trails in the U.S.

Venture Outdoors, a non-profit in Pittsburgh that encourages people to get outside, is hosting a Bike and Lunch along our office trail (known as the Three Rivers Heritage Trail) on Saturday to celebrate National Trails Day. If you’re not from Pittsburgh, find other activities near you on the AHS website:

If you can’t attend an event, spend some of your weekend downtime on a trail and celebrate these outdoor spaces. I’m traveling to Boston this weekend and am looking forward to exploring the historic Freedom Trail in the downtown area!

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