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St. Lynn’s is the New St. Nick! (Special Holiday Promotion Details)


Let’s face it, being an indie book publisher has its challenges. Then again, running any small business is challenging.
But we love what we do. We love working with authors who have thoughtful and important things to say and we love readers who are excited about our books and understand the amount of time, effort and energy it takes to publish a single book. Really, we’re just very grateful to the folks who get us and our mission.

We’re always looking to sell more books, especially around the holidays. So we reached out to a handful of St. Lynn’s Press authors who are marketing and social media pros and came up with a few ideas. This particular idea came from the sharp mind of our Coffee for Roses and Cocktail Hour Garden author C.L. Fornari. We’re super thankful that C.L. let us pick her brain. And please, read her original blog post here. We expanded C.L.’s idea a bit so we could celebrate with more books and authors.

Without further ado, here’s how we plan on spending the holidays: With lots of books!

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St. Lynn’s is the New St. Nick!
Fun & thoughtful gifts from St. Lynn’s Press for everyone on your list…

For Your Parents
It seems like they have everything, but maybe what they need most is to do less, slow down and kick back, with a cocktail or two.
Book suggestions: Late Bloomer, Cocktail Hour Garden





Cocktail Hour Garden Fr Cover small






For Your Foodie BFF
This cooking pro doesn’t need measuring cups to bake some of your fave goodies. They just know how much to add. They’re always on top of the latest food trends and you happen to be their favorite taste-taster too (#blessed).
Book suggestions: Dutch Treats, Eat Your Roses, Salt Rising Bread, Sweet Heat









Eat Your Roses by Denise Schreiber






For Your Outdoors-y Brother-In-Law
He loves hiking, fishing and camping so he’s got the “Hunter” thing down. Foraging is his next logical passion, so help him to add “Gatherer” to his repertoire.
Book suggestions: Scout’s Guide, Good Mushroom Bad Mushroom, Good Berry Bad Berry, RAMPS





ST LYNN'S PRESS Good Berry Bad Berry Cvr small






For Your Pinterest-Obsessed Sister
She loves to be green and constantly pins pics of beautiful flowers. You secretly think she just needs to relax a little already! Give her the hint in a format she’ll relate to.
Book suggestions: Indoor Plant Décor, Windowsill Art, Slow Flowers

Indoor Plant Decor Cover









For The First-Time Homeowner Couple
These newlyweds have created the perfect love nest (after lots of blood, sweat and tears) and now they’re ready to design the perfect, dreamy landscape. (Note: give these books with a shovel and a really good pair of pruners.)
Book suggestions: YARDS, Heaven is a Garden, 20-30 Something, Fine Foliage

YARDS by Billy Goodnick




Heaven is a Garden




The 20-30 Something Garden Guide by Dee Nash




fine foliage 2






For The Crafty Cousin
There aren’t many crafts she hasn’t tried…but growing her own dye plants or creating garden art using wine bottles? She’ll love new, inspired project ideas!
Book suggestions: A Garden to Dye For, Bottle Trees

A Garden to Dye For




Bottle Trees by Felder Rushing






For The Oh-So-Opinionated Uncle
He always has a better idea about how you should be tending your yard and garden. But you love him, and you know he’ll love these fun garden books & factoids!
Book suggestions: Coffee for Roses, Garden-Pedia, Cool Flowers

Coffee for Roses








Cool Flowers Cover FINAL 8-4 small






For Your Downsizing Grandmother
She’s moving to a smaller place and keeps emailing you photos of the excess furniture and linens she’d love you to take. But she’s planning on keeping her shovels and trowels, because there is a small yard where she can plant her fave zinnias and heirloom tomatoes.
Book suggestions: The Right-Size Flower Garden, The Downsized Veggie Garden

Right Size Flower Garden Cover Final 8-27 small










For Your Friend The Survivor
It’s been a difficult year for everyone, but now is the time to focus on health and healing. For the new you, in the new year!
Book suggestions: The Cancer Survivor’s Garden Companion, Herb Lover’s Spa Book

 The Cancer Survivor's Garden Companion FC small









For Your Kid’s Favorite Teacher
Teachers love to share new ideas with their kids. These books are ideal to learn about ladybugs, stink bugs & how recycling is a life-long idea.
Book suggestions: Good Bug Bad Bug, We Can All Live Green

 Good Bug Bad Bug by Jessica Walliser



We Can All Live Green by Jennifer Noonan






For Your Animal-Loving Aunt
You have a dog, five cats, seven fish and you keep nuts in your purse to feed the neighborhood squirrels. Why not add ducks or chickens to your animal clan? Keep ‘em happy and healthy and you’ll get free eggs. It’s a win-win!
Book suggestions: Duck Eggs Daily, Fresh Eggs Daily

 ST LYNN'S PRESS - Duck Eggs Daily Cvr small



Fresh Eggs Daily by Lisa Steele






For Your Pittsburgh-Proud Brother
He bleeds black & gold, considers Heinz Ketchup a food group and can name all the major bridges in Pittsburgh. He’s a Yinzer, for sure!
Book suggestions: Steel City Garden, Always a Home Game

The Steel City Garden by Doug Oster

AAHG Cover small

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