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Treats of the Trade

       Today marks the end of my second week as the summer PR intern at St. Lynn’s Press, and the experience so far has been delicious! What, you don’t eat what you read?

       Over the course of six days (and approximately 1,000,000 cc’ed emails), the SLP staff has taught me more tricks of the publishing trade than I expected to learn throughout my entire internship. From writing tip sheets, nearly memorizing the BISAC Gardening codes, and proofing press releases for our upcoming Dutch Treats and Salt Rising Bread, these two weeks were anything but unproductive!

These friendly guys hang out in our conference room!

These friendly guys hang out in our conference room!

       But it’s not just about work around here; SLP really knows how to have fun too! I was able to taste the yeastless star of SRB, and speaking of stars, I was also able to meet Chris Fennimore from WQED, who stopped by the office with…get this…fresh-baked bread AND homemade butter! I know. We’re spoiled.

It tastes even better than in looks.

It tastes even better than it looks.

       Somehow, between all of our bread breaks, we even managed to squeeze in a few meetings, during which I learned some trendy PR terms from Paul and Chloe like B2B and B2C (and learned that it’s okay to simply “not know”). Who knew a sunny, back patio meeting by the river could be so educational?

What other urban office would have such a GREEN view?!

What other urban office would have such a view?

       Despite being the PR intern, SLP doesn’t limit my learning opportunities to social media and marketing. I was able to sit in on the proposal meeting with Cathy and our Editorial Intern (S/O to Morgan Stout), where we discussed possible titles for the approaching winter season.

       And to really top off the week, I’m going home with a few of Holly’s seedlings.

Peppers and “surprise” tomatoes. Yum!

       Just a helpful hint for all businesses: the best way to an intern’s heart is through her stomach!

From my desk to yours. (:

From my desk to yours. (:

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