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Welcome to St. Lynn’s Press

When we started our independent press in 2005, we made a commitment to help make people’s lives a little simpler, more creative, better informed – and more in tune with the rhythms of nature. We’re doing what we love: publishing books that give fresh perspectives on organic gardening, sustainable living, “local” and “slow” lifestyles, and self-reliance…by some of the most knowledgeable, entertaining authors out there. We believe in the quality and integrity of each St. Lynn’s title and work closely with our authors to bring their creative visions to light. This dedicated partnership is truly unique in the publishing world.

Our publications focus on:

  • Organic Gardening
  • Sustainable Living
  • “Local” and “Slow” Lifestyles
  • Self-Reliance

We invite you to browse our book selection. Get to know our authors. Visit our blog. We’re glad you dropped by.

Coming Soon

  • Stuffed by Chris Fennimore

    NEWSFLASH! Available exclusively now from WQED-TV Pittsburgh and other American Public Television stations, until September 2, 2019, when it will become available wherever books are sold! In the wide world of food delights, stuffed foods occupy a place at the top. Every culture has its favorites: ravioli from Italy, dumplings from China, pierogi from Poland…samosas, empanadas, crepes, and more. They cross our borders and join our culinary traditions. No passports needed. Chris Fennimore’s Stuffed celebrates the amazing diversity and appeal of a simple universal concept: stuffing one food inside another food to get something that transcends them both and creates its own flavor magic.
  • Gardening with Grains by Brie Arthur

    Gardening with Grains, by Brie Arthur, is a pioneering book, a companion to Arthur’s The Foodscape Revolution. Richly illustrated, it combines history, environmental benefits and personal stories with simple how-to’s for planning, growing and harvesting 6 important grains. This is a design book, too, with planting patterns and suggestions, no matter how much or how little garden space you have. These grains are ornamental grasses, and they show off beautifully in any setting. The grouped plantings reveal the grains’ varied colors and textures, interplanted with flowers like poppies, larkspur, snapdragons, nigella, zinnias, sunflowers and marigolds. Not only flowers, but salad greens and other decorative veggies that play well with grains. Includes 12 chef-tested recipes for inspiration.