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The Monarchs are Coming!

  It’s happening now – the great monarch butterfly migration north from their warm winter homes as far south as Mexico City. The skies over North America are filled with spectacular orange and black clouds of monarchs, winging their way to their far-flung breeding grounds. The National Wildlife Federation calls it “one of the greatest […]

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The Joy of Container Gardening (from new book, Late Bloomer)

This is an excerpt from Late Bloomer: How to Garden with Comfort, Ease and Simplicity in the Second Half of Life by Jan Coppola Bills. To purchase Late Bloomer, click here. Because of the huge variety of containers available today, containers are one of the most useful, effective elements of a small-space garden. They act to […]

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#GWA2016 Atlanta

SLP is back from Atlanta for the annual conference and expo of the GWA: the Association of Garden Communicators, and we’re still trying to wrap our heads around it. We met so many wonderful people and reconnected with our authors and old friends! We also explored some beautiful public and private gardens… GWA really knows […]

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Hello from the Art Director

Well, it’s certainly my time to add to the blog posts here at St. Lynn’s Press. I might add that this blog post is way overdue, but things have been mighty busy here. But it’s good to step back and reflect. I’ve been with St. Lynn’s Press since June 2012 in the capacity of Art […]

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Looking Back

If you don’t know me (which you probably don’t): Hello. I’m John. This summer I had the chance to serve as an editorial intern with the wonderful people here at St. Lynn’s. This will be my first and last blog post – the classrooms of Grove City are calling me back to my studies and […]

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