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The Monarchs are Coming!

  It’s happening now – the great monarch butterfly migration north from their warm winter homes as far south as Mexico City. The skies over North America are filled with spectacular orange and black clouds of monarchs, winging their way to their far-flung breeding grounds. The National Wildlife Federation calls it “one of the greatest […]

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  “If you love it enough, anything will talk with you.” ~ George Washington Carver, agricultural scientist, early environmentalist   In my mother’s gardens, the plants talked with her. Early each morning, she visited all of her green friends and they told her how they were feeling that day, what was bothering them (aphids on […]

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RAMPS by the Editors of St. Lynn's Press

Ramps Season: It’s short, it’s here. Get ‘em while they’re hot!

I grew up in California at a time when our fruits and veggies had actual “seasons.” Asparagus season came and went way too fast, so we savored every flavorful spear. Artichokes were quick drop-ins as well, and boy, did we love artichokes. But they were only here in spring, as I recall. They weren’t flown […]

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Small-Space Gardening (mostly pots)

  Like so many people who have tilted over into the second half of life, I have downsized.  Now, rather than having a house with real dirt on all sides, I find myself in a condo in Southern California, where the weather is great, but garden space not so much.  What I have to work […]

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The Window Boxes of Beacon Hill (and Other Garden-Lover Spots in Boston)

Last week, I hit the road with my boyfriend and our dear friend to take on Boston. We hoped to learn about Boston’s history, tour Fenway Park, explore the New England coast, check out Quincy Market, drink some beer and eat some really good seafood (lobster rolls, clam chowder and lobster mac & cheese were […]

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