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RAMPS by the Editors of St. Lynn's Press

Ramps Season: It’s short, it’s here. Get ‘em while they’re hot!

I grew up in California at a time when our fruits and veggies had actual “seasons.” Asparagus season came and went way too fast, so we savored every flavorful spear. Artichokes were quick drop-ins as well, and boy, did we love artichokes. But they were only here in spring, as I recall. They weren’t flown […]

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Small-Space Gardening (mostly pots)

  Like so many people who have tilted over into the second half of life, I have downsized.  Now, rather than having a house with real dirt on all sides, I find myself in a condo in Southern California, where the weather is great, but garden space not so much.  What I have to work […]

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“…blossom by blossom the spring begins…” Swinburne

I take a walk every day to a sweet little public garden near where I live now, in Southern California. Arlington Garden is my drug of choice, the antidote to – you know – everything that calls for an antidote. My new condo doesn’t have any soil to plant in, so I come to this […]

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When is a tree more than a tree?

Last month I met a tree that was so unexpected, serene and downright Old Testament biblical, that it stopped me in my tracks and, for a little while, humbled my busy brain. I was in South Carolina with my St. Lynn’s compatriots Paul Kelly and Holly Rosborough, not far from Charleston. We parked the car […]

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Mother Earth News Fair- Seven Springs, PA

We attend a lot of shows throughout the year to sell books and connect with consumers, but the Mother Earth News Fair in Seven Springs, PA is one of our favorite shows every year. The Mother Earth News Fair team knows how to put on a great fair! You get fantastic sustainability-minded speakers, hundreds of […]

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