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It’s Always a Home Game in The Steel City Garden (Activity Included)

The days are getting shorter and the leaves are changing color… it’s becoming fall in Pittsburgh! Many of us are relieved to have a break from the heat, but what Yinzers really get pumped up for in the fall is the start of Steelers and Penguins season. But what does sports have to do with […]

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#GWA2016 Atlanta

SLP is back from Atlanta for the annual conference and expo of the GWA: the Association of Garden Communicators, and we’re still trying to wrap our heads around it. We met so many wonderful people and reconnected with our authors and old friends! We also explored some beautiful public and private gardens… GWA really knows […]

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Planted Blook from Indoor Plant Decor

Plant a Book for National Indoor Plant Week!

Just because everyone at St. Lynn’s Press loves nature doesn’t mean we can spend all of—or even most of—our time outside (though we’d certainly love to!). Having a mutual love of books and nature means that we somehow have to compromise our yearning to be surrounded by green with staying in the office and getting […]

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Yummy Buns for Dinner or Dessert! (Recipe from New Release Dutch Treats)

Without fail, one of my family’s time-honored traditions for the holidays is to have some sort of bun or bread with our meal (and for the bread to come out of the oven burnt black on the bottom–sorry Mom!) When we do manage to salvage the bread from burning, though, the family usually passes it around the table in […]

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The Intern Blogs Again

Hello again, SLP world! How are you? Have you been hydrating? Getting your steps in with Pokémon Go? Just want to make sure all of my internet friends are doing well 🙂 If my timing is correct, then this blog should be live on my last day at St. Lynn’s Press. [insert sad face emoji […]

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