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Mother Earth News Fair- Seven Springs, PA

We attend a lot of shows throughout the year to sell books and connect with consumers, but the Mother Earth News Fair in Seven Springs, PA is one of our favorite shows every year. The Mother Earth News Fair team knows how to put on a great fair! You get fantastic sustainability-minded speakers, hundreds of […]

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#GWA2017 Buffalo

We’re not much for bold statements, but this year’s Garden Writers Annual Conference and Expo in Buffalo was the BEST ONE YET. We’re not gonna lie: We had our doubts about Buffalo. And boy, were we wrong! We still can’t get over how beautiful Buffalo was – and how friendly the people were. This city should be […]

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Have Lots of Rain This Summer? Create Your Own Dry Stream! (From Spirit of Stone)

Western PA has been getting a lot of rain this summer. As in, I can’t remember the last day it wasn’t raining! And while my tomatoes are loving it, I’m definitely not. Many other plants and landscapes suffer from this amount of rain. My peppers now have a permanent home in some containers on my […]

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St. Lynn’s Press Awarded National Garden Communicators Honor

Pittsburgh, PA (July 3, 2017) —St. Lynn’s Press, a leader in organic gardening and eco-green book publishing, has been awarded the 2017 Wilfred J. Jung Distinguished Service Medal by GWA: The Association for Garden Communicators. Founded in 2004 in Pittsburgh by longtime book publishing executive Paul Kelly, St. Lynn’s got its start publishing books on […]

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It’s National Pollinator Week!

Why spend a whole week celebrating pollinators? There’s a lot to celebrate, and think about! A.) Butterflies, bees, bats, beetles and birds (all pollinators) serve our ecosystem, EVERY SINGLE DAY. Pollination happens when pollen is moved within a flower or carried from one flower to another of the same species. This leads to fertilization. The transfer of […]

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