Books in sync with nature.


Hit the Trails on Saturday, June 3 for National Trails Day!

We all know that walking is healthy and that general exercise helps us to be more calm, happy and alert. But studies also show that taking a walk during your lunch break can also lift your mood and helps you handle stress better at work. At the St. Lynn’s office, we’re lucky to have a […]

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The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness. –John Muir May 28, 1892. John Muir is elected as the first President of the Sierra Club. The original mission of the organization was to protect the Sierra Nevada Mountains. And my goodness, the things they’ve accomplished since then! In its very first conservation […]

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It’s Morel Season (from Good Mushroom Bad Mushroom)!

After a winter that felt like it would never end, one of the best parts of spring and warm weather is mushroom hunting! Perhaps the most popular mushroom (at least in America) is the Morel. And for good reason: Morel mushrooms are easy to identify, relatively common and taste delicious (Morels are arguably the most […]

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National Public Gardens Day

Tomorrow is National Public Gardens Day! As a garden book publisher, we’ve been very lucky to take in public gardens all over the country. I explored and photographed the Japanese, Chinese and Desert gardens at The Huntington Library (600+ photos later…), got stuck in a summer rainstorm at the Gibbs Gardens outside of Atlanta and […]

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Wildflowers and Us, from Taming Wildflowers

“I love all flowers, but to me, wildflowers are the ultimate expression of floral perfection. They are nature’s flawless plan for pollination and they never fail to impress me with their flat-out beauty.” -from Taming Wildflowers by Miriam Goldberger (St. Lynn’s Press, 2014) There’s nothing quite like roaming through a wildflower field. Sun shining, wind softly […]

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